Agriculture Transfueler Tank & TRailer

The Rural Solution

Whether it’s fueling your combine, or just topping off your 82’chevy pick-up, when you’re on the farm it can be costly, both time and money, to keep your fleet fueled. A mobile refueler is the most efficient way to keep your machines up and running. Don’t wait around for a fuel truck, pay their costly service fees, and premium priced fuel. Take control of your fueling needs.

Standard Features
Standard Dispensing Equipment
Trailer Features
Standard Features
  • Superior Engineering. Designed to tow safely full, or empty
  • Tanks Available in 250-2,500 gallon Capacity
  • Vented & Baffled Tank
  • Powder coat finish, in a wide choice of colors
  • Top Quality Components: GPI, Fill-Rite, Dixon, Hannay, Reelcraft, Betts, etc…
Standard Dispensing Equipment
  • GPI & Fill-Rite 12V High-Output 15 Gallon Per Minute pumps
  • 12V Battery with Box
  • Battery Charger
  • 12’ UL Hose with Manual Shutoff Nozzle
  • Fuel Filtration System
  • Vented Fill Cap
  • Emergency Vent

Trailer Features
  • Super-Duty Steel Chassis
  • Steel Fenders & Diamond-Plate Decking
  • Tandem Axle
  • Electric Brakes with Safety Breakaway System
  • LED DOT Lighting, with Steel Guards
  • Adjustable Ball Hitch
  • Heavy-Duty Tongue Jack
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • “Fuel Cart” style Available with Pintle Hitch

TransFueler Agriculture Refuelers

TransFueler 500



  • 500 gallon single-wall carbon steel tank
  • Standard dispensing equipment
  • Heavy Duty Trailer