Custom Quality Fuel Trailer & Tank

Fuel trailer. Lube trailer. Equipment service trailer.

Whatever your needs, we can build a TransFueler for you.  Your custom designed TransFueler can include everything you need.  Why buy & operate an expensive fuel/lube truck? Why be stuck with the limited choices the competetion offers?

You know what you need, and we can build it on the toughest chassis in the business.

You Need it? We have it!

  • Fuel: From 100-2,000 gallons. Single-Wall, Double-Wall, DOT406.
  • Lube: Fresh oil systems. Waste oil systems. Electric or pneumatic pumps.
  • Grease: Integrated bulk grease systems. 35-120# capacities
  • DEF: Complete with tank, pump, meter, hose. All you need to service DEF.
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Complete electric or pneumatic dispensing systems
  • Air / Pnuematics: Electric, gas or diesel powered air compressors
  • Generator: Gas or diesel powered, optional welder
  • Welder: Electric, gas or diesel powered, with or without generator...
  • Storage compartments: With or without drawers, can enclose all other equipment.
TransFueler Custom2

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 Find out how affordable a TransFueler built just for you can be.   

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