Western Global Transfueler Trailer & Tank

Factory Authorized Dealer for DyMac Global and Western Global Products

DyMac and Western Global are leading providers of portable tanks for the safe storage and handling of fuels and liquids.  Both have developed a diverse offering of fuel storage and transport solutions to meet the needs of several industries.  Transfueler Inc., is proud to offer their full array of products to all of its customers worldwide.

All DyMac and Western Global tanks are available with our TransFueler Aviation patent-pending aviation dispensing system.  Most tanks are available with our custom TransFueler trailer.

DyMac Global

ACV Ace Cube Versatile tanks. 119-2600 gallons. Available with stainless-steel inner tanks for aviation use.

Fuel Pod integrated refueling systems. 650 - 5800 gallons

FuelTainer ISO Fueling Systems from 3000-20,000 gallons

Western Global

TransCube tanks. 132-1200 gallons

ABBI tanks. 260-729 gallons

ACV4500L / 1188 Gallon